Good day,

My name is Donavan James Martin, which is the name I gave myself after a major change in my life. No, it wasn’t a sex change. It was a change in heart, mind, and soul. 
I have always had a passion for art, and spent about 30 years of my life drawing or painting from life. I found that being a globe trotter, made my painting much harder than I was willing to support, so I took up “photography”. 
I’ve heard other photographers complain that with all the cameras out there, they can’t make a living with the competition. Well, that is true if you’re not any better than all the other people that think the “P” on the camera means “Professional”.
My training in photography didn’t start in earnest until my USN OJT shooting for information gathering, which was used by organizations with three or more letters.
Most of my photos for the first 14 years resulted in classified products that are not for the general public. I have many fond memories of events and sites that I can neither confirm nor deny.
I do have a knack for reflecting the heart and soul of the people I record. It is in the eyes. If you want something that will outlast your life, this is an excellent way of doing it. Some people write stories others paint, I shoot. 
Let me be the one that tells your story. Check out any of my featured galleries and see my style.
You may call me for further information at (951) 330-2928.