Good day,

I change my name to Donavan James Martin after a major change in heart, mind, and soul. 
I have always had a passion for the beauty found in everyday life. For 30 years my art expression was only part-time. I found that being a globe trotter, made my painting much harder than I was willing to support, so I took up “photography”. 
Many photographers complain that they are no longer looked on as artists. The equipment is only a tool for artists to help create and express their individual messages or shared stories. 
My training in photography didn’t start in earnest until my "Cold War" training. This is when my lessons helped me shoot images for information gathering. No art here, just record what you see. 
My first 14 years of "work" was classified and used by government agencies or their contractors. I have many fond memories of events that I can neither confirm nor deny.
I have and will create saved moments in time that will serve to make some people laugh and others cry. True art should make you feel something.
Let me be the one that tells your story. Check out any of my featured galleries and see my style.